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  • Barbacoa Grill (Brazilian / Omotesando, Aoyama)
  • 2009/09/10
  • I love this place. I always go to the barbacoa restauarnt near the Omotesando crossing. I prefer the buffet which is around 4,000 yen all you can eat. Tons of amazingly delicious meats, grilled pineapple and a delectable salad bar. The food is amazing and the one other thing that sits well with me is the fact that most of the waiters are Brazilian. That gives a feeling of authenticity and supports the foreign community in Japan as well, something the government here does not do. I would highly recommend Barbacoa. Fantastic food.
  • Elio Locanda Italiana (Italian / Ichigaya)
  • 2009/09/10
  • Fantastic, authentic Italian food in a nice atmosphere. Anything you order on their menu is amazing. The owner is from Calabria, Italy from a culinary family. Book in advance. They speak Japanese, Italian and English. Just a tip, when you get to dessert ask if they can make you the special ice cream with rum because the taste is amazing. they will make it for you right at your table. This dessert item is not on the menu but delicious.
  • President Chibo (Okonomiyaki, Monja / Shimbashi)
  • 2009/09/10
  • Even though Chibo is a chain restaurant I love their Okonomiyaki. I used to also visit their restaurants in Osaka as well. I love this place and have eaten here and at the other branch in Ebisu (at Ebisu square gardens). The atmosphere is great, service awesome and the Okonomiyaki is oishii. My favorite is the Negiyaki.