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  • Hub : Ikebukuro Higashi-guchi (British pubs / Irish pubs / Ikebukuro)
  • 2009/07/20
  • This has to be one of the most messed up places to go drink. A British Pub owned entirely by Japanese. Here in Sakae in Nagoya they don't even speak English and most of your clients are foreigners. They don't hire any foreigners in the Nagoya branch so how do they call themselves a British Pub. The Japanese are great at copying ideas but have no originality. Hell their website is not even in good English. Is this the Japanese idea of a good British Pub. I will start telling my foreigner friends not to spend their money at the HUB anymore. You want our money but you won't hire foreigners. That is a big joke. Hope you go out of business. Foreugners should boycott this place, especially in Nagoya where they don't hire us.