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  • == CLOSED == Game Hollywood (Video Games / Akihabara)
  • 2013/04/30
  • Some bad news all. This great import store had recently closed(as stated on their website). There are still some alternatives out there and the website redirects you to their new website which allows you to order English games. The website though is in Japanese.
  • Le Temps (Wine Bars / Jiyugaoka)
  • 2011/06/27
  • Jiyugaoka is a posh area filled with plenty of French, Italian, and Spainish joints. This one though was a pleasant surprise with its attentive staff, simple atmosphere, and actual quality port wines(most places you'd be lucky to find a ruby port, ugh). The Foie gras with rasberry and simple cream sause was stellar. Salads werent drenched in sause, rather they were seasoned ingredients and they were crunchy and fantastic. Ill be back again to try more of their items and add more to this review!
    Great place for a date!
  • DevilCraft (Beer Bars / Nihombashi)
  • 2011/06/25
  • I was lucky to be apart of the opening celebration night of this new and unique craft beer bar in Tokyo.
    A great selection of beers on tap! But what really attracted me to this place was its deep dish pizza. Being a midwesterner myself I have high standards for good Chicago style and this place did it quite well!
    I look forward to another visit soon!
  • Ciappuccino: Yoyogi Uehara (Bakery / Yoyogiuehara)
  • 2010/11/24
  • Usually when someone sees a pancake in Japan, it is only a dessert item, so to indulge in it as a meal would make me feel awkward and a bit silly. But here though, pancakes are the star like they are back home.
    I had the chance to try out their L size salted caramel pancakes. And wow I was blown away immediately! First off, L size, for a pancake. They mean it. Quite big, I had to take some home(unheard of in my travels in Japan). Then the taste. not that plastic dry pancake you find at other no no. These were moist, buttery and ever so slightly crispy delights. And the salted caramel topping was excellent.
    If you go, and you see a server named Simon you are in luck. A great guy to be served from!
  • Fire House (American / Jimbocho)
  • 2010/09/07
  • I've been here for lunch on one occasion and the burgers were as said before by many reviews, they were great. I enjoyed sitting at the counter and watching the magic happen.
    The burgers were treated with great respect and the ingredients were paired well together to make great combinations.

    I hope to return again someday.
  • Nakameguro Taproom (British pubs / Irish pubs / Nakameguro)
  • 2010/09/06
  • I enjoyed going to this bar. Easy access from the station and there was an English speaking on staff.
    Nice wood interior and the beer selection was great, staff was also very happy to recommend beers as well.
  • Toho Cinemas: Roppongi Hills (Movie Theaters / Roppongi)
  • 2010/09/06
  • A very good selection of movies when I went. But the real bonus for me was when a girl and myself were out all night partying downtown and we happened upon this cinema. Open all night showing movies! Great way to pass the time before first train comes or if you feel inclined to a 2am showing of something. haha.
    Nice service as well. I'd use it again as an option for passing time before the 5am train comes.
  • Cat and Cask (Beer Bars / Ikebukuro)
  • 2010/09/03
  • So after being led here by my iphone app. for Japanese craft beer bars in Japan I was very happily surprised to be led here.
    This bar isn't just a bar, but someone's home. The inside is a warm reminder of that.
    I went on a night where the owner was serving some very special select beers and there was a great singer performing as well.
    3-4 beers on tap of some great stuff. Great food was brought out to boot. Everything about the place was very personal.
    Space was a little cramped but that added to the need to be friendly with true locals.
    I'll be back again no doubt.
  • Dubliners' Irish Pub : Shibuya (Live Bars/Jazz Bars / Shibuya)
  • 2010/09/03
  • While its nothing special in the way of bars I have enjoyed this place on a few occasions as a stepping point before heading out to meet friends at clubs or other places downtown.
    Also nice at the early hours to stop here hungover for their breakfast plate. Sausage, mash, beans, etc. and a cup of coffee for 1,000 yen. Not too bad after a loonnng night out.

    I wouldn't go out of my way to go here, but I found it nice for a pint on a nice balcony for some good people watching.
  • The Landmark Tower (Night View Spots / Yokohama)
  • 2010/08/28
  • This was a fun little stop in Yokohama. It has one of the fastest elevators in the world sending you up at incredible speeds.
    If you have the chance for beautiful weather you can see Mt. Fuji very well up here. Also shows a great view of the harbor as well.
  • Fab Academy (Classes-Yoga / Azabu-juban)
  • 2010/08/28
  • I have been going to Fab Academy for quite some time now and I am always impressed by the personal treatment shown here.
    An extremely knowledgable set of instructors work here. A staff that is friendly and attentive.
    On top of that, the instructors are fun in their classes and will apply pressure only when it is fit to. This isn't a macho place, this is a personal space.

    Will be back again soon!
  • Ostrea (Oyster Bars / Roppongi)
  • 2010/08/28
  • I have been here once and I enjoyed it. An impressive variety of different oysters from around the world.
    I was also happy to see they stocked oyster beer too. Which is an excellent stout. A great match for the food.
    The wine list is impressive and the staff was attentive.
    I'll go back again.
  • JR Narita Express N'EX (Airport Transportation Service / Tokyo)
  • 2010/08/25
  • When I lived in Ofuna I enjoyed using the Narita Express. It is nice to be able to relax in your own chair before a long flight vs. taking a packed train or a bus that could get stuck in traffic to the airport. This train does as promised on many occasions. And just like with the green car on regular trains or on Shinkansens(bullet trains) there is a cart that comes around with light snacks beers/soda/water as well.
    Two small things to mention. It isn't cheap to use this train, might be worthwhile just jumping on a regular Narita Airport train and save some money.
    While the trains themselves have been improved inside, the time to the airport hasn't changed much vs. other lines who have been cutting down time to the airport.
    But, none the less, this is still a good way to go if you want to arrive comfortably and conveniently.
  • Kesei Skyliner (Airport Transportation Service / Tokyo)
  • 2010/08/22
  • I love using the trains over buses to the airport because there is little fear of being stopped by things like traffic jams or engine troubles.

    And this newly redone Kesei liner express does very well with servicing Tokyo to Narita airport.

    Nice and clean new trains, fantastic speed from Nippori to Narita. 36 minutes!

    My one little hangup is that they did some great refurbishing of Nippori station. I only wish that the JR platforms were serviced for the Narita airport bound. It is hard carrying luggage on such small platforms/stairways.

    Other than that, this is great way to get to the airport if you reside in Ueno or on the north side of Kanto.
  • Odawara park and castle (Parks & Nature / Machida)
  • 2010/08/21
  • So the castle is a nice typical one which is cool to see if you have time(after awhile they all look the same anyway)

    BUT, this place gets a horrible rating for its treatment of one small Indian elephant in its park. It is quite a sickening sight to see. One elephant confined to a concrete slab and chained to a post. Poor thing did not look clean and certainly not jolly baking in the sun.
    I hope that the poor thing has been moved by now. But I have no intention of going back there because of seeing it.
  • Womb (Dance Clubs / Nightclubs / Shibuya)
  • 2010/08/21
  • This is a good establishment when it comes to sound quality, also for hosting good talent.

    But there are a two downsides I found here.

    No re-entry. In a place that fills up so quickly with tobacco smoke, it is nice to be able to step outside and get a breath of fresh air. You have an arm band anyway so it should be easy. But no. You are told to repay if you want to leave and come back. Bad.

    The smoking. Smoking works fine in a club like Ageha because there are smoking zones and you can go outdoors as well. But at womb it is confined and is poorly vented.

    Other than that, there are bars that are taken care of and bathrooms seemed plentiful. But this place needs improvements in my opinion.
  • Tanakaya: Mejiro (Liquor / Ikebukuro)
  • 2010/08/17
  • A great liquor store to meet almost any need!
    A very friendly staff as well and a knowledgeable owner who loves great beer. And is happy to point you in the right direction for your drinking needs.

    I was also impressed by their port wine selection. Usually places in Japan only carry Ruby ports it seem. But this place carried the whole spectrum it seems. From 10 year Tawnys to 1860s ports! (albeit, not able to spend 60,000 yen for a bottle of that stuff, but still)

    Its also a great place to stop before heading to a park, like Yoyogi. If you want a slightly classier picnic with buds vs. combini beer.

    I had one drawback by it all though. Most every beer they had was west coast microbrews (a few east coasters like fishhead) but nothing from the midwest. Missing out on some great beers from there. Perhaps someday they will stack them.
  • Popeye (Bars / Ryogoku)
  • 2010/08/16
  • I've been to my share of craft beer bars in Tokyo. This is hands down the best.
    An unparalleled selection of ever changing beers on tap. (now 70 taps!) An amazing staff, and great food to boot.

    Become a member and you get mailed coupons for selected beers to try for free monthly!

    Also, during their 'happy hour'(5pm - 8pm) a beer with a crown pictured next to it gets a small plate of food. No limit on how many you get!

    It gets busy Friday and Saturday nights, but they will strive to find a spot for you!

    Highly recommended for the beer lover!
  • Unchain Farm (American / Kita-Senju)
  • 2010/08/15
  • Such a great staff working here! And they even have coupons offered for you to return and get a good little discount!

    (If you know hamburger joints in Tokyo you should know that the owner has worked at The Fire house for five years previous so his knowledge of burgers is tested)

    I love their double cheeseburger with a fried egg on top! In my opinion this place is on par with the downtown joints like Firehouse.

    This place is great for Saitama folk who don't want to trek all the way downtown for a burger joint. Or for Tokyo folk who want to get out and see a nice little neighborhood and get a good bite to eat.
  • Blue Note Tokyo (Live Bars/Jazz Bars / Omotesando, Aoyama)
  • 2010/08/15
  • I got to see the Duke Ellington Orchestra perform here and wow was it a treat.
    A draw back though is that Japanese folk do not seem to get too into the Jazz spirit, cheering for great solos, random shouts of joy. haha.

    Good food was served and attentive staff took care of drinks very stealthy while the show was in progress.
    Expensive? Of course. Worth it? Yep.
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