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  • Luxis (Bars / Ebisu)
  • 2008/03/10
  • This is one of the most breath-taking bars I have ever been to. The entire three walls of the bar are bright aqua blue - fish and the sharks, yes, baby jaws!, in wall-sized tanks. The sight is so mesmerizing that the awful attitude you get from the waiter/resses can be tolerated. Although, their attitude could be part of the snobbish style of the bar.

    I recently recalled this bar when I went to the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. This was supposed to be the (self claimed) seven star hotel. When I looked through the fish tank wall along the long escalators in the lobby, I thought, "the bar at Ebisu (Luxis) had much cleaner tanks than here..." The glass was actually cloudy. Hence, the unofficial extra stars. And, they didn't even have the sharks!

    Luxis might not be a good setting for a romantic conversation. I was constantly preoccupied by the movements of the fish. My eyes kept following the beautiful colors of the fish and... the sharks.
  • ACME FURNITURE (Interior Design & Furniture / Nakameguro)
  • 2008/01/14
  • A nice selection of century-modern, new and used furniture. One of the largest interior design/furniture shop along Meguro-dori. Many inspiring pieces of furnitures neatly fill the three levels of the store. You never know, a pop color bar stool might inspire you to redecorate the whole kitchen!
  • The Lobby (Bars / Nakameguro)
  • 2008/01/06
  • This modern and cozy lounge is an ideal place to complete your long full night of dining and drinking. The shapes and the lines created by the minimalistic sofas and tables, the large window that take up almost the entire wall, the dim lighting, the hip loungy music mixed by the dj, etc, altogether bring about the chic and sexy space of The Lobby.

    It's open until 4am so it's not too late to come for your second or third round of bars. With your favorite cocktail, the roomy sofa, the ear-comforting music, silly exchange with your company... a wonderful way to spend the last few moments of the night before you head home.

    The Lobby is tucked away along the Meguro-dori, the interior design/furniture central, and the presence is so subtle that you can easily miss it if you are not paying close attention to the right side of the street driving from the city center.

    I gave it 4 stars for selfish reasons - I can't frequent there anymore because I moved out of the neighborhood.
  • Sushi Karaku (Sushi / Ginza)
  • 2007/12/20
  • Traditional Edo-mae sushi requires mastery in flavoring the neta (fish).
    Naturally, and proudly, the chef began the omakase course with the sea bream with a hint flavor of konbu, where the fish was wrapped in for hours. The neta had an never-before chewy texture that squeezed out the konbu flavor at every chew.

    Next came the hirame marinated in a special sesame sauce. Again, unique, exquisite, and just right.

    The ikura was the best I have ever experienced. Few people, including myself a few years ago, know that ikura that we enjoy at the table is already marinated in soy sauce. Well, I don't know what he does with those eggs, but the ikura here was seasoned with perfection. I could not resist a second round of this ikura.

    The toro was from Oma, Tsugaru Straits area. Apparently, Oma is a brand for the best tuna, just like Kobe for beef. See for yourself how it could taste in your mouth. (Have I bragged enough yet?)

    Karaku has an English menu (very beautifully done) and the chef knows his neta in English. Get the counter seat if you can - the interaction with the chef is definitely a part of the experience.

    Ah, and get the reishu. it came half frozen, like a frozen margarita. It was so refreshing - an enhancer of the next taste of neta.

    The restaurant is on the basement floor. Very clean, simple and sophisticated. All of the chefs and apprentices have their hair shaved, a commitment to the craftsmanship.. so I assumed.
  • Luna Hair (Hair Salons / Jiyugaoka)
  • 2007/12/18
  • Yuto Kanazuki is a true craftsman and a great artist. Who would imagine a hair stylist from a hair salon located far from Harajuku, the beauty center of Tokyo, to be styling the hairs of the models on the run way during the fashion week? His artworks are also recognized as top rank each year in the national beauty salon contests.
    I go there because the salon is near where I live. Didn't know he had such an impressive career. But I know I am always happy when I leave the hair salon
  • Torihara (Yakitori / Shimbashi)
  • 2007/11/19
  • A quiet and sophisticated Yakitori place hidden in Shimbashi. Everyone here is quite friendly and will help you try and choose from the menu.

    As expected, all of the yakitori were succulent and delicious. My favorite was actually the soboro-don. The teriyaki flavor minced meet and fresh egg covering steamy rice was a fantastic ending to the meal.
  • Shibuya Acupuncture Clinic (Acupuncture / Shibuya)
  • 2007/11/05
  • is how I feel when I go to see Sensei at Shibuya Acupuncture Clinic. Sensei speaks enough English to talk about your pain/symptoms and how he is going to tackle it with the needles.

    When I threw my back out, I thought I just had to lie down and wait for days for the pain to cease. My father's friend who works at a network station in Shibuya recommended this clinc. I was kind of forced into going there out of politeness. Even with slight skepticism, it worked!

    I was actually happy about how my skin looked more than my back's lessened pain. (Yes, the superficial me) Since I had to leave the country in a few weeks, I went there twice a week, intensely. I felt as though I was getting healed holistically. I even lost some weight because I was becoming much more sensitive to how satisfied I was. I didn't have to eat much to feel that I had enough. I know it sounds strange, but that's exactly how I felt when I was going there intensely.

    6,000 yen per visit, or a package of ten visits for 54,000 yen. It seems a bit much, but it is totally worth it. You really have to go a couple of times before you can feel the effect.
  • El Rincon de Sam (Mexican / Ebisu)
  • 2007/10/23
  • Sam-san, whom I think is the owner is hanging very loosely to his Japanese identity.
    The food is not the best but my overall experience here has always been great. The servers are friendly and they are there to have fun with you. They take you in as a family.
    Every now and then, Sam and his band take on the guitars, the bongos, the maracas, and anything that you can hit that sounds good! They have a song book so you can sing along with them. I truly think Sam-san created this restaurant so he can play music every night.

  • Fonda de la Madrugada (Mexican / Harajuku)
  • 2007/10/16
  • Though, my Mexican friend said the food is not "authentic," who cares? It's authentic enough for me. I love my experience here. The food is well beyond the generic Americanized Mexican food you get in chain eateries and the portions are plentiful. If you are looking for decent Mexican food you’re used to getting in the States, this would be the few places in Tokyo you might like.

    You feel like you are walking into a cave here. It's kinda adventurous with various levels built underground. Stay close to the guy taking you to your table. You may potentially get lost if this is your first time.

    Ah! I love the mariachi band! The first time they come around, the passionate latino gaze of theirs is too much to handle for a reserved Japanese chick. But after a couple of frozen margharitas, I am humming and singing with ‘em.

    I would recommend this place if you are looking for a jolly ol’ time with your pals. But, it’s also a cozy place for dates. Yes, the mariachi band will still come around to bother you. The two of you just have to give off more passion to fend off theirs.
  • XEX Daikanyama The Bar (Bars / Daikanyama)
  • 2007/10/15
  • Once you get to the top of the stairs, you will see a Bali resort spread out in front of you. This is the terrace. It has a pond and the seating surrounds it. The pond is illuminated at night and it's kinda nice! We dined inside and I remember it was a bit too dark. I had trouble seeing the menu and what was on the plate.

    The pizza offered here is undoubtedly great. Thin, crisp crust. Fresh out of the oven. Eat it while its hot! Xex also has a wide range of non-pizza menus. Everything we tried were great. But if you are at a cuomo restaurant, you have to have a bite of their pizzas.

    Great service, and great food, but I think it was a little over priced for what it has to offer. I liked the Xex on top of Atago hills more than this one here. I just couldn't get over one thought - this was made to accommodate wedding parties. It's nice but not cozy. It wasn't intimate. Maybe it was because it's huge and spacious.
  • Sushi Kan (Sushi / Roppongi)
  • 2007/10/14
  • The toro is heaven. The ikura is heaven. But you don't want to start by asking for that. With the omakase, you let the chef take care of you. Have complete faith and you will not be let down. Although, you do want to keep letting him know how full you are. I didn't think I was going to fit the last piece of anago in my stomach. Then I said I was full. Then came the negitoro, the chef's fun way to finish up. And THAT was heaven. And it still fit.

    The restaurant is very clean and simple. Minimalistic and well taken care of - sure sign of excellent craftsmanship. I noticed that the place was full of important looking people. Most of them were old , middle age and above, and in sophisticated attire. A place for experienced sushi lovers to quietly enjoy it. The chef measures up the customer. He doesn't want great neta to land on a tongue that can't appreciate it.

    The heavenly experience has its heavenly price. The three of had the chef's omakase, some bottles of sake. It rang up to about 45,000 yen for dinner.