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  • TSUTAYA: Nishi Gotanda (Rental CDs / Gotanda)
  • 2007/06/20
  • Tsutaya is a large multimedia chain in Japan. It mainly sells DVDs and music, but it also rents music CDs for 300-400 yen a pop, something you don't often find in America. The ethics are shady, but apparently Japanese music lovers copy rented music to their harddrives with impunity. Only trouble is, you have to be a permanent Japanese resident to get a rental card. Passports or visas won't work on their own. However, when I lived in Japan I used my friends card to get what I wanted.
    Tsutaya sorts most of their items by alphabetical order in Japanese, which can be a royal pain if you don't know the language. English isn't spoken either.
    Having said this, if you have access to Tsutaya it's very convenient, ubiquitous, and well stocked.