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Peter's Reviews ( Tonkatsu )

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  • Katsuya: Roppongi (Fast Food / Roppongi)
  • 2007/10/02
  • I wasn't very impressed with Katsuya. Katsu is ubiquitous in Tokyo - you can find it on pretty much any street with widely varying prices and quality. I found Katsuya to be expensive for such low grade Katsudon - my bowl was soggy and not very flavorful. Lunch prices are between 800-1000 yen - you can definitely get the same stuff cheaper if you look hard enough.
    Although there's no English, there's a machine with pictures - you insert your money and punch a button for a food ticket.
    All the seating is at a bar, so it's not really suitable for family or dates. The clientele are exclusively slightly overweight businessmen who look rushed.