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Peter's Reviews ( Show Rooms )

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  • Toyota Auto Salon Amlux (Show Rooms / Ikebukuro)
  • 2007/10/03
  • The Amlux Toyota showroom is designed for potential buyers. It has five floors with an impressive selection of all of Toyata's lines on display - sedans, SUVs, vans, etc. The first floor is more of a traditional showroom, with flashy Formula One models and short movies about production and safety. This place would be great for interested buyers, but it's not really entertainment. All five floors are well-staffed, but no English is spoken and, surprisingly, there are no English specs on the cars.
  • Sony Building (Show Rooms / Ginza)
  • 2007/06/21
  • The Sony showroom, located on the first few floors of the Ginza Sony Building (a local landmark), displays the fruits of Sony's brightest: increasingly miniature portable audio, cutting edge wi-fi, gorgeous flatscreens, and photography equipment.
    There are flashy floor guides in a dozen languages, which turn into 3-D renderings of the buildings when placed under a special viewer. Besides that, though, I found it impossible to actually learn about the technology, because none of the myriad assistants spoke dependable English.
    The first floor has an interesting museum that tracks Sony's computer models back 10 years or more. Six iterations of, say, a Vaio laptop, getting sleeker and smaller each year. It's interesting to see how much computers have evolved just since the Clinton administration.
    If you're into technology, the Sony building might be fun to visit, but don't expect to get the technology explained to you.