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  • Kenbokke (Indian & South Asian / Hiroo)
  • 2011/12/08
  • Just had lunch with girlfriends. It is definitely a cafe/diner atmosphere. Service was terrible. My girlfriends ordered one of the set curries, I opted to order a la carte (since there was no vegetarian option) and had to be charged for the nan I received. With a set menu, you get a small salad and nan OR rice for ?\900. My meal was ?\2600. I tasted everything, even some of my girlfriend's dishes and found everything pedestrian. I hope their dinner offerings are better than lunch. We all agreed, Indian cravings are better answered at Nirvana Midtown. Even as a vegetarian, I didn't feel shorted at their buffet. Living in a city with amazing food and service, this restaurant was severely disappointing.
  • Nirvana New York (Indian & South Asian / Roppongi)
  • 2011/12/13
  • Came here with 7 girlfriends and had a terrific meal. I agree with previous reviewer that there wasn't very much in the way of spices, but I find that pretty much applies to all of Tokyo. The buffet is beautiful and the nans are plentiful and delicious. You will not leave hungry. The restaurant is beautiful with beautiful views. Even though the 2,000 yen lunch is a little higher than most lunch sets, I found it completely worth it. Definitely worth trying. I have also been here for dinner and found lunch to be the preferable experience.
  • Fureika (Chinese / Azabu-juban)
  • 2011/12/13
  • I'm going to be honest here. I probably would have given it 5 stars because I found the whole experience and quality of food very satisfying. However, my Taiwanese friend who came with me questioned the autheticity of food so I had to knock a star off. I had been wanting to try this place for a long time and I am so happy to have done so. The previous reviews do a good job of describing the live entertainment. It was all very sophisticated and otherworldly. I am definitely planning to revisit.
  • Horii (Soba / Azabu-juban)
  • 2011/12/13
  • I was first brought here by Expats who had been living here for a while. I am forever grateful for this introduction. The soba here is excellent cold or hot. The side dishes are delicious as well.This is my "Go To" soba restaurant. You are greeted with a loud Irasshiamase! often by the owner. The atmosphere is bustling. Service is prompt and polite and the atmosphere is cozy. There is seating at tables (no shoes please) and then there is a large table in the middle of the restaurant (bar-type seating). There is an English menu also. I wouldn't say the English is great, but definitely ok.If you are looking for a very good soba experience look no further.
  • Eat more Greens (Vegetarian & Healthy / Azabu-juban)
  • 2011/12/13
  • I've been twice for lunch and I love it! I usually go with girlfriends and we all enjoy our dishes thoroughly. It's also the first place I've been to where they actually serve brown rice! Love it. The lunch set is very good and creative. You never miss the flesh factor. Whenever I feel like having a healthy satisfying meal, Eat More Greens does not disappoint.
  • Shakey's (American / Harajuku)
  • 2011/12/13
  • Let me first say I thought the pizza was fine... when we finally got it. The food is standard pizza/pub fare but the fatal flaw in this restaurant is in the horrible service. I swear, they must still be waiting for the dough to rise. If you are desperate for a pizza fix and have a LOT of time to kill, go for it.
  • Bulgari Il Cafe (Italian / Harajuku)
  • 2011/12/13
  • Great location. Beautiful food. My friend and I opted for the set lunch and every course was beautifully presented on a plate or a beautiful box. Portions are not huge, but I left feeling good and not overstuffed. We sat outside. Beware that the tables along the rail are usually booked but you may be able to sit closer inside the terrace near a space heater. You may not enjoy the street people-watching, but don't worry, your fellow diners will not disappoint. If you are looking for a chic, tasty lunch experience, go.
  • essence k (Massage / Azabu-juban)
  • 2011/12/13
  • I'm not the type of person who enjoys a "spa massage". I am probably more of a masochist when it comes to massage and have been lucky to have been treated by great massage therapists in the States. My doctor referred me to Kay after I went to see him for muscle relaxers since my back and shoulders were all in knots from so many life-style changes. I cannot over-emphasize how awesome Kay is. She is a consummate professional and is extremely good at what she does. If you are like me and need someone who is willing to go deep into the muscle you will not be disappointed. I love how she gives you hot tea or hot water and some dried fruit afterwards. I am continuing to see her for maintenance and have introduced my son to her for his own baseball aches. No regrets. Also, her English is PERFECT.
  • La Colina (Mexican / Roppongi)
  • 2011/12/13
  • Not very authentic. Food was ok, nothing special. One of my friends is a vegetarian and when they brought her veggie tacos it turned out to be a thin tortilla with shredded lettuce and tomato. That's IT! before ordering our food we wanted to order drinks and asked about different specialty drinks on the menu and none of the waitstaff seemed to know what the drinks tasted like or how they were made. They had a man playing guitar and singing Spanish songs, and it was nice enough when he was at someone else's table. I find when people come over to sing to your table specifically and ask you to wear a big sombrero and then buy a CD they are selling to be a little more than I ask for on a dinner out. There has to be better than this in Tokyo.
  • Mamegen (Japanese Sweets / Azabu-juban)
  • 2011/12/13
  • I was told this was a VERY famous establishment for seasoned snacks, senbei, etc. Once I arrived and sampled I understood why. The store itself is always busy. I don't know why there is a lunch and dinner price in the overview because it is a shop not a restaurant. There is a lot to choose from, and if you look around there are color coded charts letting you know which snacks are spicy, sweet, savory, etc... There is a window in the front where you can see the man deep frying the shio okaki (and to quote my son, "can't go back to potato chips").Of course they offer samples because it is snack cocaine. Thank God I have to bicycle my way to the shop because otherwise, I think I would have to start shopping for the piano box to bury myself in. The gift boxes are lovely gifts and snacks for home. I also love that you feel like a real insider shopping there.
  • Cicada (Mediterranean / Hiroo)
  • 2011/12/13
  • After dining at Cicada, I am assuming my friends and I have earned our Desperate Housewives Point Card. What else is there to say about a terrific restaurant? Whether you are new to town or a veteran or craving good food, Cicada should be on your short list for eats. Don't miss the hummus or the tagine if it's on the menu!
  • Gompachi: Nishi-azabu (Izakaya / Hiroo)
  • 2011/12/18
  • I was just here on a Thursday night with a bunch of girlfriends (8). I can definitely say it is good for groups. We had a great time. Service was good, food was excellent. They are known for their soba so I ordered some and it was good. We ended up ordering lots of drinks and lots of plates to share. I don't know if it was because we were girls or what, but we ate and drank to our fill and the bill was quite reasonable in the end. Definitely a gaijin hangout. The other thing I liked about the restaurant was the ambiance. A lot of restaurants in Tokyo are super refined and polished and you can feel like you are in New York, Paris or Vegas, but this place had a vibe all its own and was very manly feeling. Definitely worth trying.I have also been told that you get better sushi if you sit upstairs. At one point we wanted to order more dragon rolls and the waiter had to tell us that because they were so busy it wasn't possible. At this point, we had had enough to drink that it didn't matter, but if you are thinking you might want a lot of sushi, then I would suggest sitting upstairs.
  • Udon Kurosawa (Udon / Roppongi)
  • 2011/12/29
  • Just had lunch here today with girlfriend and boys. As you can see, everyone was enjoying their bowl. Staff is not so English friendly, but the menus are and the food is wonderful. It was a perfect meal on a cold winter day. It's a small popular establishment, so go on the early side to get a seat. Offer vegetarian options too which is nice. I had the deep-fried tofu udon and my son had the duck udon. One disappointment was the lack of tempura option.I would go back.
  • Tokyo Disney Sea (Amusement Parks / Kinshicho)
  • 2012/01/01
  • When: December 30th 2011
    Who: Me, my 10 year old son, his friend and his mom.
    Wear: Lots of warm clothing including hats, mittens, scarf. Bring electronic devices for distraction.
    Why: It is winter holiday and we had a free day. We thought the crowds might be smaller due to impending New Year's tradition preparations.
    Verdict: We were terribly wrong.

    Overall I will say, if you haven't been go. The prices are higher than indicated and I have uploaded a picture of the actual ticket window. IF you go this time of year, dress warmly. It was freezing and my friend and I were VERY tempted to purchase a plush character hat. BTW Disney Sea should be Disney See because the people watching is incredible. I have never seen so many grown mend and women walking around in character hats and earmuffs and carrying teddy bears. You should also make an effort to catch shows on the lake. The Theatrical shows are all in Japanese so that might be tedious, but the day and evening shows on the lake are spectacular. Disney Sea is known for catering more for adults and older kids than DisneyLand. I think this is a fair call.

    We were there from 10am to 10pm and got in 3 rides (whirlpool, 20,000 leagues, Temple of Doom), 1 scavenger hunt, 2 shows and lunch and dinner. The day went quickly. The rides can be anywhere from 50-90 minute wait and if you get a fast pass, you are only allowed 1 every 2 hours.

    FYI: those plastic buckets dangling around everyone's necks are for popcorn refills. :)
  • Pintokona (Conveyor Belt Sushi / Roppongi)
  • 2012/01/03
  • Who: Girlfriend, her husband, my husband, our 10 year old son, and myself.
    When: Lunch January 2 2012 11:45am
    Wear: Tokyo Casual
    Why: we wanted to try conveyor belt sushi. A lot of people (especially Japanese will tell you this genre of sushi restaurants should be shunned, but I figured if it's in Roppongi Hills in a "nice" area, it has to be safe to try.
    Verdict: Planning to go back.

    At 11:45am on a Monday, it was not so crowded. As a group of 5 people, we were taken to a table in the back area which was so unexpected and nice! I thought we would have to sit 5 people in a row along a bar, but they have tables for groups to sit at together. You do need to remove shoes before entering this area (so wear your good socks) and will be given a locker for storage. Each tabel has a window where often you will see the chef preparing the sushi. There are plates that come by with nigiri, and then you will see plates with signs. Don't remove the signs. I made that mistake and they told me to put it back ;)
    There is also a menu you can order other items. We were all so dazzled by the sushi moving on the belt it was hard to look at the menu. This is my motivation for returning because there were lots of options that weren't on the belt, but were available to order and I wish I had but by the time I even realized there was a menu, I had a stack of plates that belonged at Mel's Diner.

    The other nice thing about the tables is self-serve green tea and ginger. Go for it!
    If you need a fun place to go or have always wanted to try conveyor belt sushi, you won't be disappointed coming here. By the time we left, the restaurant was full so make sure you time it right.
  • Priya Indian Restaurant (Curry / Hiroo)
  • 2012/01/07
  • I'm going to lay my cards on the table and just say that I love Nirvana in MidTown. That being said, I read the reviews on this place and decided to try it out because it's near my yoga studio (Yoga Tree) and sometimes after vinyasa, I want some Indian food. Many will tell you that Nirvana is "Japanized" Indian, if you will, and that Priya is more authentic. Not being Indian myself, I'm going to concur with these opinions. The curries are delicious. The nan is wonderful and never ending. The service is really friendly. The only downside is the cramped tables, but know that this is a very popular place to go. A nice surprise was seeing so many men at lunch. Most of the time I feel like I'm surrounded by women lunching and this definitely was a favorite man lunch spot.
    If you aren't into the buffet, and want authentic good Indian, check it out.
  • Mont Thabor (Bakery / Azabu-juban)
  • 2012/01/07
  • My girlfriend introduced me to this place and I will be honest with you. It is my number 2 goto bakery. My number 1 goto bakery is Pointage a few blocks away, but sometimes I am caught off gaurd by closed sign. Mont Thabor is in an easy location and the baked goods are good and fresh. Lots of gaijin I think. They are also good place for whimsical pasteries. I tried their gorgonzola bread (I like blue cheese) and it was surprizingly delicious. They also have sandwiches and doughnuts. There is no place to sit inside to enjoy your baked goods, but there are 2 chairs and a small table right outside the front window facing the street.

  • Pointage (Italian / Azabu-juban)
  • 2012/01/07
  • A local Japanese friend first introduced me to Pointage and I have thanked her everytime I have seen her since. It is definitely a local favorite. Given its small alley-way location, you would have to be in the know to go. Despite it's seemingly erratic schedule, devotees line up to dine in (probably has seating for less than 15 people)or pick up bread to take away. The breads are interesting and FRESH. I almost hate to review it this well because it is so popular are yummy. I finally convinced my husband and son to have lunch there and we ended up getting one of the very few tables available. I don't know why the profile says English menu available because we did not have one. The staff is not fluent, but between hand signs and slow talking we were able to order. My husband and I had quiche and soup and my son ordered a few things from behind the display cases. The lunch is very affordable and delicious. The staff is as nice as they can be during a rush, but are nicer when it slows down. Try Pointage and try everything.

  • Musee du chocolat theobroma: Hiroo (Chocolate / Hiroo)
  • 2012/01/09
  • Who: Male companion & myself
    What: Trying a new place for Tea/Coffe & dessert
    When: January 9th Monday afternoon around 3pm
    Where: Casual
    Why: I pass this place all the time
    Verdict: Would come back

    It was another Japanese holiday and my husband was home from work, so after our traditional fancy lunch, we decided to take a walk and pop in at a cafe for a dessert set on our way home. I pass Theobroma quite often in my daily routes and have always been curious to try. It was not disappointing. The Cappuccino was good as was my Peach tea. The desserts were fantastic and service was friendly. The walk in level is for sitting and dining. The Downstairs is a sweets boutique. They also offer a very affordable lunch menu and I thought this would be an option for a light lunch if I ever craved a sandwich or panini.

  • Ramen Museum (Museums / Yokohama)
  • 2012/01/17
  • Who: Myself, Den Leader, and Son's Cub Scout friends
    Wear: Casual
    Why: We were in Yokohama and hungry
    Verdict: GO!!!!!!

    Visiting this place was totally worth it. So quirky and well-constructed as only the Japanese can do. You will feel like you have stepped back in time. There are replicas of old Koban, bath houses, restaurants. It is very much a carnival type atmosphere. My advice, go hungry and order the mini size bowls so you can try more than one style. Don't forget to check out the shop on the main level, but save it for last so you don't have to carry things around. You won't regret going.

    I have been told there is a gyoza museum too!
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