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katchan's Reviews ( Indian & South Asian )

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  • Moti: Roppongi (Curry / Roppongi)
  • 2012/09/01
  • Who: Girlfriends & Me
    When: Thursday Lunch
    Wear: Casual- Casual Business
    Why: My girlfriend Nghi recommended it for our weekly lunch date.

    If you check through my reviews, you'll see, I'm a fan of Indian, and evidently their restaurants. I pretty much already have my default choices, but having just returned from the States, my girlfriends and I were itching to catch up and Nghi had tried Moti and she and her husband are hooked. We try a lot of food together so I'm always up for trying anything with her. I have actually been to Moti before in another life. I've been wanting to see if it is as I remembered. The interior is a little dark, but not so dark that one is suspicious of ingredients. It's dark in that Middle Eastern Tent kind of way. The service is mediocre. We were having to flag the waiter for refills on our water. The lunch sets are pretty good. I like that they include your option of beverages and you can have a lassi. You can select a curry and it will come out with a HUGE piece of nan or bowl of rice, some side crunchy vegetables. The nan is good. Nghi thinks it's the best, but I still think Priya in Hiroo has better nan although this nan may be healthier.

    I ordered the healthy set which is a selection of 3 curries (see photo). They were all good, but what doesn't taste good when it's made from gee? My girlfriends ordered the chicken curry set and the other vegetable curry set. Everyone ate heartily. None of us were able to finish our nans which is saying something because we all have bug appetites.

    The place filled up quickly. If you're in the neighborhood and looking for an Indian fix, go for it. It isn't spectacular but for being around as long as it has been, it must be dependable and consistent.
  • Priya Indian Restaurant (Curry / Hiroo)
  • 2012/01/07
  • I'm going to lay my cards on the table and just say that I love Nirvana in MidTown. That being said, I read the reviews on this place and decided to try it out because it's near my yoga studio (Yoga Tree) and sometimes after vinyasa, I want some Indian food. Many will tell you that Nirvana is "Japanized" Indian, if you will, and that Priya is more authentic. Not being Indian myself, I'm going to concur with these opinions. The curries are delicious. The nan is wonderful and never ending. The service is really friendly. The only downside is the cramped tables, but know that this is a very popular place to go. A nice surprise was seeing so many men at lunch. Most of the time I feel like I'm surrounded by women lunching and this definitely was a favorite man lunch spot.
    If you aren't into the buffet, and want authentic good Indian, check it out.
  • Nirvana New York (Indian & South Asian / Roppongi)
  • 2011/12/13
  • Came here with 7 girlfriends and had a terrific meal. I agree with previous reviewer that there wasn't very much in the way of spices, but I find that pretty much applies to all of Tokyo. The buffet is beautiful and the nans are plentiful and delicious. You will not leave hungry. The restaurant is beautiful with beautiful views. Even though the 2,000 yen lunch is a little higher than most lunch sets, I found it completely worth it. Definitely worth trying. I have also been here for dinner and found lunch to be the preferable experience.
  • Kenbokke (Indian & South Asian / Hiroo)
  • 2011/12/08
  • Just had lunch with girlfriends. It is definitely a cafe/diner atmosphere. Service was terrible. My girlfriends ordered one of the set curries, I opted to order a la carte (since there was no vegetarian option) and had to be charged for the nan I received. With a set menu, you get a small salad and nan OR rice for ?\900. My meal was ?\2600. I tasted everything, even some of my girlfriend's dishes and found everything pedestrian. I hope their dinner offerings are better than lunch. We all agreed, Indian cravings are better answered at Nirvana Midtown. Even as a vegetarian, I didn't feel shorted at their buffet. Living in a city with amazing food and service, this restaurant was severely disappointing.