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  • Tokyo Disney Sea (Amusement Parks / Kinshicho)
  • 2012/01/01
  • When: December 30th 2011
    Who: Me, my 10 year old son, his friend and his mom.
    Wear: Lots of warm clothing including hats, mittens, scarf. Bring electronic devices for distraction.
    Why: It is winter holiday and we had a free day. We thought the crowds might be smaller due to impending New Year's tradition preparations.
    Verdict: We were terribly wrong.

    Overall I will say, if you haven't been go. The prices are higher than indicated and I have uploaded a picture of the actual ticket window. IF you go this time of year, dress warmly. It was freezing and my friend and I were VERY tempted to purchase a plush character hat. BTW Disney Sea should be Disney See because the people watching is incredible. I have never seen so many grown mend and women walking around in character hats and earmuffs and carrying teddy bears. You should also make an effort to catch shows on the lake. The Theatrical shows are all in Japanese so that might be tedious, but the day and evening shows on the lake are spectacular. Disney Sea is known for catering more for adults and older kids than DisneyLand. I think this is a fair call.

    We were there from 10am to 10pm and got in 3 rides (whirlpool, 20,000 leagues, Temple of Doom), 1 scavenger hunt, 2 shows and lunch and dinner. The day went quickly. The rides can be anywhere from 50-90 minute wait and if you get a fast pass, you are only allowed 1 every 2 hours.

    FYI: those plastic buckets dangling around everyone's necks are for popcorn refills. :)