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tokyo lady's Reviews ( Obstetrics & Gynecology )

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  • Odawara Fertility Clinic (Obstetrics & Gynecology / Daikanyama)
  • 2010/02/27
  • The secretaries are immature and the one secretary that supposedly speaks English does not. Upon meeting the doctor, he told me that they did not have an English website nor would they consider getting one because his clinic is Japanese. He told me that if he were to help me, I would have to understand that his secretaries do not speak English and that his clinic is Japanese and not an American clinic (I am not American but he assumed that I was). He was very aggressive and immature in his demeanor. He did not portray himself in a manner considered to be professional and courteous, very hostile, it is quite evident that he does not like non-Japanese people. DO NOT GO HERE!
  • Tokyo Medical and Surgical Clinic (Internal Medicine / Azabu-juban)
  • 2009/03/20
  • The majority of doctors are congenial and efficient with some exceptions. My husband and I visited a female eye doctor(I won't use names)and she was EXTREMELY RUDE. I was also put on some medication by a gynecologist who neglected to tell me what ALL of the side effects were.
    The front desk staff? Terrible. Yes, they are efficient but they are extremely surly.