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tokyo lady's Reviews ( Temples )

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  • Nikko (Landmarks & Historical Places / Kita-Senju)
  • 2010/10/25
  • I took a tour with a friend so that she could see another part of Japan. We visited a temple where we were able to see traditional Japan, had a traditional Udon and grilled fish lunch, and then enjoyed the scenery. A must see and do for visitors and a great place to escape for Tokyo locals. As enigmatic mentioned, book in advance.
  • Sensoji (Temples / Asakusa)
  • 2010/10/25
  • A tourist trap? I am not sure if I agree. I have lived here for 11 years so I am familiar with Kyoto and other places in Japan. I think that taking a visitor to Asakusa is high on the list. Yes, it isn't a place for a local to frequently visit if it isn't their SHTICK but on the other hand, it is a very energetic, interesting place to take newbies to Japan.