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msjulz's Reviews ( Ramen )

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  • Sengoku Ramen: Asakusa (Ramen / Asakusa)
  • 2009/08/30
  • I came here with a friend. They have great prices for the very hungry. 800 yen gets you a huge bowl of ramen, so make sure you have a big appetite. My friend and I could only finish half of each of our own bowls, so it was a bit embarassing to leave without finishing our food.

    She got chashumen, but the meat was not of best quality. However, the yakiniku ramen I ordered was delicious. The meat was tender inside and bursting with marinated flavor on the outside. And the veggies in the soup complemented it well.

    If the chashumen was as good as the yakiniku, then Sengoku Ramen would have a rating of 5 stars, no doubt.

    For those of you who have limited Japanese, they do have a picture menu, but only a few items are displayed. And nobody spoke English when my friend and I went there, so make sure you have some knowledge of spoken Japanese.

    The waiter we had was extra friendly and went the extra mile to make sure we got what we wanted. My friend has an allergy to tree nuts, and the waiter definitely put us at ease.