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  • Ghibli Museum (Museums / Kichijoji)
  • 2009/09/04
  • Although a bit outside the main center of Tokyo, it was definitely worth the trip here. My friend is an animator and we are both fans of anime, so it was a treat to come here and learn about the animation process.

    Original drawings and cels are on display, and visitors get an understanding of the methods used to create animated movies. Several interactive displays convey the magic of animation, breaking the motion down moment by moment.

    During our visit, an entire wing was dedicated to Ponyo, the latest movie, with a big glass box containing all the finished handdrawn cels from the movie. We were also treated to a free showing of a 15 minute mini-movie.

    Every visitor also gets a souvenir of 3 scenes from a Miyazaki movie.

    Whether or not you were an animation fan beforehand, you will definitely gain a new appreciation for the animation process and the hard work that goes into it.