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msjulz's Reviews ( Akihabara )

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  • Don Quijote (Consumer Electronics / Akihabara)
  • 2009/09/04
  • This is like Walmart (complete with toys, shampoo, electronics, and liquor, although I didn't see any guns) plus a sex shop... with a maid cafe thrown in for fun. We came here looking for tiny screwdrivers for my friend's camera, but only one or two sets would fit a screw that tiny. We also had fun looking at all the well-made costumes (most are maid costumes that cost around 7000 yen).

    Unfortunately, even with all the stuff they sell here, I couldn't find the particular face lotion I needed. Oh well.

    The famous At Home Maid Cafe is located in the Akihabara branch, but we missed last order by a few minutes.

    There is a duty free area for tourists, as well.
  • Mawaru Ganso Sushi: Akihabara (Conveyor Belt Sushi / Akihabara)
  • 2009/08/25
  • Great prices and nice combinations of sushi. I had one which included okra, and another with natto on the top. The natto added a nice nutty flavor to the fish. A third piece, was the traditional slice of salmon on top of slightly sweet rice.

    The sushi was pretty fresh, with the sushi maker getting rid of the older ones.

    For a drink, you can fix yourself a mug of hot green tea.