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msjulz's Reviews ( Shinjuku )

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  • Wine Gallery Vinshakutei (Wine Bars / Shinjuku)
  • 2009/08/31
  • My friend and I should have been more familiar with Japanese fancy cuisine. This restaurant is upscale, but still affordable. Perhaps because of its location on the very top floor of this building. (There is no elevator, and it's on the 3rd or 4th floor of this building.) The door was jammed when we were there, but if you knock hard enough, they will come and open the door for you.

    I ordered the recommended dish of Toukibi Gyuu no Tataki (Indian millet Pounded beef - for 1280 yen), which was rare beef, seared on the sides in a delicious sauce. It was pretty good, and was served with a type of leafy veggie (perhaps romaine or spinach?).

    My friend ordered chicken sashimi in lemon marinade, or soushuu Kohaku dori sasami remon marine (for 680 yen). We were both pretty scared to try rare chicken seared on the sides, but it was surprisingly good! The lemon marinade and leafy greens complemented it nicely.

    For a drink, I ordered oolong tea, which was OK.

    We were given the utmost in customer service, and our waitress had the ultimate patience as I explained to her of my friend's allergy, and inquired about the dishes served. After our meal, she escorted us all the way downstairs to bid us goodbye. Very hospitable, indeed.

    The only drawback? I was still a bit hungry 2 hours later.