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  • Mango Tree Tokyo (Thai / Tokyo Station)
  • 2009/09/11
  • We went there on a sunday for the lunch buffet for 2625 Yen per person which is not cheap, but the pictures on the net about the meal were looking good. Additional, the view should be good from the 35. floor of the Marunouchi Building.
    First to the good thing, the view was really good.
    However, this was it already with the good things, the meals were only average and in my opinion not fitting to the price.
    But the main problem of this restaurant are the rules and the waiters following only their rules without exception.
    We went there as family with a small baby and we were forced to take the baby out of the buggy which was stored in a room at the entrance. Because the baby was not able to sit on a chair we had to hold her over the whole time and because she was active it was not possible to eat at the same time lunch while holding her. So, even we explained this to the waiters, they were not allowing us to use the buggy and we were forced to eat on our wedding anniversary separated. Such information was also not given during a telephone call which we had a few days earlier where we told them that we are coming with a baby.
    So, for us as family with a baby this restaurant is in no way advisable. Other persons can try the restaurant but should not go there with a too high expectation.