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  • Sanaka (Sushi / Harajuku)
  • 2008/02/22
  • Honestly I want to keep this hidden restaurant secret, but at the same time I want many foreigners to know a real good one in Tokyo.
    That's why I decided to post this review on You'll find this small restaurant next to a vegetable store at Cat Street.
    Surprisingly, at Sanaka, you can enjoy fresh sushi set at 1,000 yen for lunch, which comes with 8 pieces and 4 roles of sushi.
    If you think the portion of food in Japan is small, try 1,300 yen sushi set of 12 pieces and 6 roles, plus miso soup.
    Whenever I come to Sanaka for lunch, I somehow feel guilty because of the great taste and reasonable price. Yummy!
    To me, having loch here is a kind of a little treat for myself. Highly recommend!
    Sanaka has two chefs with a counter table (10 seats) and a private room (4-6 seats) and dinner starts at 5,000 yen.
  • Perola Atlantica (Mediterranean / Harajuku)
  • 2008/01/27
  • I had lunch here, but the food was not so great.
    You get to choose fish or meat for the main dish. It comes with a salad, small amount of rice, and a soup. I had an oven-cooked sardine, but it smelled a little fishy and the size fell short of satisfactory.
    However, there are outdoor seats and it feels really great to have a meal under sunny sky with a view of Omotesando.
  • D'une Rarete: Omotesando (Bakery / Harajuku)
  • 2007/12/10
  • How expensive for the size of the amount. This was my honest opinion.
    The food was in fact great, but I was disappointed with the size of the bread.
    Among all, I recommend fig pound cake. The cake is moisturized and filled with juicy fig. It is not too sweet which I liked about. I thought it was well reasonably priced for this restaurant (about 1,600yen).
  • Le Pre Verre (French / Harajuku)
  • 2007/11/21
  • I recommend carrot soup served in lunch course. It is flavored with hint of orange and it is very warming. If I remember it correctly, lunch menu changes every Thursday. The restaurant had a large window to let in sunlight producing an open atmosphere.
    A chef from the French restaurant cooks in the kitchen.
    There were wide selections of wines so I wish to visit again at night.