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  • Tokyo Kichi (Bars / Others)
  • 2008/06/11
  • Tokyo Kichi is a casual Italian restaurant found along the Chuo-sen tracks near Kichijoji station. It's located on the basement floor in a slightly hidden spot. The theme of Tokyo Kichi is a secret hideout, like the kind you used to make when you were a little kid but grew out of as you become an adult. The specialty is risotto, with over 10 different items and changing seasonal dishes.

    This restaurant has a nice atmosphere with a very interesting interior. It's dimly lit, the tables and chairs are not uniform (as in, they look like they were taken from random flea markets and garage sales), and decorated with random items like old irons and typewriters. Being very small, it seats very few people and as a result, creates the cosy, "secret hideout" atmosphere, (though I've never actually had a secret hideout as a child).

    The food is great. I really recommend "butaniku no sote- sarada jitate" (a salad with pork sautee). The salad is a size for two. Then there's the risotto. Each risotto is a mere 800 yen (or 900 for a few) and come to the table in the skillet they were made. The portions of each risotto are small, but that allows you to order a few with your group and try each others' out. Be careful not to order too much though, as they are surprisingly filling. I ordered a Corona to go with the meal, as the people next to me were ordering and made a good accompaniment to the meal.

    As a guy though, I felt kind of embarassed being there. I would come here on a date or with maybe some female friends, but not with a bunch of guys. All the other customers were women or couples. It's not the place to come to fill yourself completely up or get drunk and really rowdy. For a guy's kind of meal, go to Musashiya, the awesome ramen place across the street.