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JinYo's Reviews ( Iidabashi )

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  • Zest Premium Burger: LaQua (American / Iidabashi)
  • 2008/06/17
  • Zest Premium Burgers does deliver and I'm not talking about delivery service. I'm talking about quality. This great burger place offers delicious hamburgers and a fairly reasonable price.

    Ordering happens fast food-style - at a counter. But according to their website, the beef, which is 100% Angus, is ground after receiving your order. I didn't notice if the grinding part was true, but the beef was definitely Angus. The restaurant reeked of the delicious, intoxicating aroma. Not just the smell, but the meat was truly juicy and flavorful. The hamburgers were brought to us on a plastic tray at our table which we chose. The buns, slightly sweet (Japanese style), were lightly toasted and accompanying veggies were colorful and fresh. I foresee many Americans complaining about the mayonaisse/mustard-like sauce inside. I found the sauce to taste really delicious, but perhaps not everyone will think so. The fries were also fantastic. They reminded me of fries I have back in the States, the thin, slightly crispy kind.

    I had myself a Double Burger with fries and a coke. My partner had an Avocado burger. They were both amazing. On top of which, you can choose additional toppings. Our only complaint was that we were still slightly a bit hungry after our meal. I must admit that we were terribly famished but I'm sure many will agree with us on our complaint over size.

    Zest offers a good burger but don't expect nostalgic American burgers. Just come hoping for a great tasting burger and Zest will deliver.