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  • koots green tea (Japanese Sweets & Cafes / Harajuku)
  • 2009/01/30
  • This cafe can basically be summarized as a Japanese style tea house with a western twist with organic products. A Starbucks for tea, if you will.

    They have loose organic teas (but they don't sell it bulk...I would totally buy it if they did) and they also have more western-y treats like matcha smoothies. The location is quiet even when it's pretty full.
  • Legato (American / Shibuya)
  • 2008/11/10
  • Gorgeous view looking over Shibuya from the height of 15 floors. Lunch is amazing, and by far the best deal. The salad bar consists of a gourmet tuna macaroni salad with almonds, shallots, and raisins; a potato salad with salmon; and your choice of apple, shallot, or vinaigrette dressings. Lunch meals change daily. Staff is very friendly and courteous. The interior of the restaurant warm and inviting, but slightly reminiscent of what you might expect if you were inside a Christmas ornament. Definitely a must-eat.