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  • Aoyama Book Center: Main Store (Bookstores / Shibuya)
  • 2009/01/30
  • While this book store doesn't have as large of a foreign collection as, say, Kinokuniya in Shinjuku, it does have a different selection of books. I've found books here that I never even noticed or was unable to locate in Kinokuniya or Libro. Like most bookstores, it is very relaxed and inviting. But I do have a tendency to worry about touching things in ABC simply because all the displays are white and always look so pristine...
  • Cafe 246 (Bookstores / Akasaka)
  • 2009/01/29
  • Yummy chicken tenders and creative choices on the menu. It's always really loud, except at lunch time, of course. They have an outdoor patio area, perfect for evening beers in spring and summer. They've also got computers for you to use if you simply HAVE to check your email.