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  • koots green tea (Japanese Sweets & Cafes / Harajuku)
  • 2009/01/30
  • This cafe can basically be summarized as a Japanese style tea house with a western twist with organic products. A Starbucks for tea, if you will.

    They have loose organic teas (but they don't sell it bulk...I would totally buy it if they did) and they also have more western-y treats like matcha smoothies. The location is quiet even when it's pretty full.
  • Sweets Paradise: Shibuya (Japanese Sweets & Cafes / Shibuya)
  • 2008/12/26
  • Holy diabetes, Batman! If you're looking for a great way to send your bloodsugar through the roof, go here. Sweets abound, but the smaller pieces allow you to enjoy without making an extra notch in your belt. Thought their specialty really is dessert, the food is pretty good, too. If feels a bit like a school cafeteria, but the food certainly doesn't taste like the stuff you ate in elementary school.