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  • la fabrique (Dance Clubs / Nightclubs / Shibuya)
  • 2009/01/28
  • Great location right in the center of Shibuya and a great place to dance the night away after shopping all day long. It's also a good place to stop in for a quick snack in the middle of your day. Ritzy atmosphere and classy appearance - definitely dress to impress. A little overpriced for dinner but when it's all said and done, I'd go back.
  • Saizeriya (Family Restaurant / Shibuya)
  • 2008/11/17
  • You know those days when your boss just drives you crazy and you want to have a drink with your lunch? Well, 200 yen glasses of wine at Saizeriya make it possible to do just that without blowing your clubbing budget. It's a pretty standard fast food Italian chain, but like most places in the city, it is absolutely packed during lunch. This is mostly due to, not to the cheap wine, but the very cheap food. And the best part is, the food isn't actually that bad. 500 yen is enough for a filling lunch, and 800 to 1,000 yen will get you a steak with veggies.
  • Legato (American / Shibuya)
  • 2008/11/10
  • Gorgeous view looking over Shibuya from the height of 15 floors. Lunch is amazing, and by far the best deal. The salad bar consists of a gourmet tuna macaroni salad with almonds, shallots, and raisins; a potato salad with salmon; and your choice of apple, shallot, or vinaigrette dressings. Lunch meals change daily. Staff is very friendly and courteous. The interior of the restaurant warm and inviting, but slightly reminiscent of what you might expect if you were inside a Christmas ornament. Definitely a must-eat.