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  • Tokyo Tower (Night View Spots / Azabu-juban)
  • 2009/01/28
  • The Monet of tourist attractions: cool from a distance but a total let-down when you see it up close. It is nothing more than a radio tower surrounded by stinky tour buses with a pathetic shopping center crammed underneath it. The only people who actually go here are tourists who allow Lonely Planet to jerk them around and foreign guys who think their Japanese girlfriends actually want to go here. Let me clue you in: IT'S NOT THE EIFFEL TOWER, DUMMY! There is absolutely nothing romantic about a giant orange radio antenna. If you want play off of a city view, don't be a stingy schmuck: go to Roppongi Hills.
  • warehouse702 (Dance Clubs / Nightclubs / Azabu-juban)
  • 2008/11/17
  • This secluded club on the way to Azabu-juuban supports great local DJs that are on the Pure circuit. Whether you're gay, straight, or just a little ghetto, there will definitely be a night for you as this club caters to everyone. It just depends on the day of the week you decide to stop by. Not too bad for private parties, either.
  • Zest Cantina (American / Azabu-juban)
  • 2008/11/10
  • The absolute best place for a pitcher of beer and a basket of hot wings in town. You can order the wings by the bucket and specify your preferred level of spicy, all served with creamy caesar dressing for dipping. The other tex-mex items on the menu don't disappoint, either. A good place for the family, the service is good and the large restaurant is far from full if you go early in the evening. The size of the dining room makes it possible to accommodate large groups with a reservation.