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  • Vanity Lounge (Dance Clubs / Nightclubs / Roppongi)
  • 2011/02/03
  • Sleazy meat market. Went there with friends after dinner to enjoy some nightlife. Only to find that the Japanese waiters aggressively solicit women to join private tables of wealthy but dateless Japanese men. A real night spoiler.
    If you are going out for a date or with friends avoid! If your looking to pick up in the +30 crowd enjoy!
  • Andy (Italian / Gotanda)
  • 2011/02/03
  • A little gem of Pizza restaurant hidden on the out skirts of the Meguro/Gotanda area. Definitely, on par with the best Tokyo has to offer. The owner has an excellent off-menu wine for discerning palates he always has a few bottles of the good stuff hidden somewhere. Just ask him what he has in. He will also do off-menu pizzas with out extra-charge, great for lacto-intolerant and other food allergy suffers and those who just want something different than the usual fare of Margarita and Bismarks. Food, wine and atmosphere is great but can get a little cramped at times so bookings are recommend for later in the week.
  • essence k (Massage / Azabu-juban)
  • 2013/02/28
  • When my patients ask for a good deep tissue massage therapist. I always recommend Kaori. She knows her stuff and is very professional in her care.