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  • National Center for Child Health and Devel... (General Hospitals / Futakotamagawa)
  • 2011/09/28
  • I have actually contacted Sunnypages asking them to add the NCCHD to their list because I am on a mission to get the word out about this fantastic hospital. They treat a vast variety of children's health issues in a fairly new and very modern facility located out towards the Yoga area. I was recommended to see Dr. Kusakabe, one of Japan's few pediatric orthopedic specialists/surgeons. And what luck, he speaks English. So even though the entire hospital is Japanese speaking, everything, I could still manage to register, put my little card in and receive my pager, show people my printed schedule and they were always so kind to point the way for my daughter's many xrays, ultrasounds, and castings. We actually moved midway through our daughters casting treatment to straighten out her legs, and the orthopedic specialist in New York (supposedly one of the best in US) was extremely impressed with Dr Kusakabe's aggressive treatment which saved more traumatic treatments downline. Bottom line is, if you have concerns about anything for your child, be it physical or mental development issues and find you are wanting more than your current dr is offering, please ask your dr about this hospital and if any of their specialists can help your child. It is worth the time to go all the way over there. It is new and modern. And if you have national health insurance, it is most likely completely covered. If there was a little more English available I'd give it 5 stars, maybe a translator even, as not all the drs speak English. But other than that, it was a jewel of a find and so thankful to have found it.
  • Primary Care Tokyo: Shimokitazawa (Clinic-Others / Shimokitazawa)
  • 2011/09/28
  • Dr Kurosu and his assistant Tae are superstars. Having a baby is stressful enough- Dr Kurosu could always fit myself or my baby in for a same day appt and usually within a couple of hours from when I called. Very intelligent but he doesn't have a lofty presence at all. Like another reviewer noted his bedside manner is good ; he listens respectfully and responds thoughtfully to all concerns. I have already recommended him to all of my girlfriends and everyone who tries his practice out immediately claims it as their own. Worth the trek over and his prices are reasonable to boot.
  • Angell Memorial Hiroo Central Animal Hospi... (Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians / Hiroo)
  • 2008/12/10
  • Yes they are expensive but we wouldn't trust our pets with anyone else. When we were debating adopting our dog, we called this vet hospital and one of their vets volunteered to walk 40 minutes round trip to check her over - no charge. Over the past 8 years we've only been met with integrity in each of the English-speaking doctors we've encountered. Even the grooming services are friendly and they get checked over by the vet beforehand. They also counseled us well in advance regarding beginning quarantine procedures for the UK and as a result of their being so on-the-ball, we received our pets, happy and healthy, the same day as our arrival. Yes I am sure there are other good doctors out there-- but we are so happy with our emergency and non-emergency experiences here. So if you can stomach the charges, at least you'll know your furry loved ones are in good hands.
  • Tokyo Baptist Church (Churches-Baptist / Daikanyama)
  • 2008/12/10
  • Solid, friendly, casual, international and family oriented church with programs throughout the week to meet almost every need. Pastor Dennis Folds sticks to Biblical truths which is a refreshing way to begin each week. The youth program is very strong. Judi Folds counsels many marriages with grace and wisdom. Celebrate Recovery is a program every person should take- even if you think you don't have any "major" issues take this course and see what God has been waiting to release you from. Plans are underway to renovate the current building sometime in the near future, so hopefully before too long Daikanyama will have a new church building to continue serving as a shining light in this city!