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  • Salvatore (Italian / Nakameguro)
  • 2010/11/24
  • i like this place. the food is consistently good and the staff are polite and friendly. the pizza is authentic napoli style and delicious!
  • Torimasa (Yakitori / Omotesando, Aoyama)
  • 2010/11/24
  • this place is very good. sometimes the pieces are too big for me (unusual in this country).

    i especially like their version of the japanese "tsukune." they do it with big chunky meat mixed with hemp seeds and it is crispy and juicy and crunchy and pretty amazing.
  • Sushidai (Sushi / Tsukiji)
  • 2010/11/24
  • it is very good but you don't need to wait that long to get that level of food. other restaurants in the area are pretty darn good too. there is another sushi dai outside the market that is good too (no connection evidently by the way...)
  • Denny's: Akasaka (Family Restaurant / Akasaka)
  • 2010/11/24
  • compared to the american dennys i used to go to... this place really rocks.the food is better and more healthy. it is easy to go to with kids and there is a variety of food.
  • Sin Den (Hair Salons / Omotesando, Aoyama)
  • 2010/08/09
  • It cost about the same as what I used to pay in NYC. The stylist, an Italian named Roberto, was excellent. I'll be back.